Browning Maxus Hunter Semi-Auto Shotgun w/Engraved Mallard & Pheasant 011608203


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You are asking yourself, what does this new Browning Maxus autoloading shotgun have that makes it unique to all others. After all, isn’t it just another autoloader?

No, it is just not another autoloader, and yes, it has features unlike any of the competitors. It is lighter because the receiver is strong, lightweight aluminum alloy. Therefore, it is more durable, easier swinging, easier carrying than a heavy steel shotgun. If you’ve carried a shotgun in the field for any amount of hours, you’ll appreciate the thinking in aluminum receivers.  The profile of the gun is low with optimal dimensions. What does this mean?

Simply that the Maxus has a trim forearm and a close radius pistol grip. This helps in gripping the shotgun, providing more comfort, more control because of a better feel to the hands. The drop and cast can be adjusted to your personal specs with the included stock shim kit. The ability to fit the Maxus to your own measurements and dimensions is extremely valuable. It makes it your shotgun because it fits you better. Take the low rib. It lies low to the top of the receiver and barrel. When you point and sight on the target, this means you sight along a flat point of impact. Where you point is where you shoot. No guessing, no compensation. Remember to follow-through and you’ll bring down more birds.

The new Speedlock Forearm eliminates the bulky, knurled cap at the end of the forearm. With the Speedlock, simply lift the latch and remove the forearm. It’s off! Take the rest of the gun apart, clean the gas system and you’re in business again. If you need to adapt the magazine plug, it’s easily done with a car key in seconds. Shotguns can be designed to not kick so hard. When you reduce weight in a firearm, recoil from a fired shell must go somewhere, and it’s usually into your soft shoulder. The Maxus’ Power Drive Gas System helps a great deal here. The piston design has oversized gas ports, dumping excess gases faster on heavy loads and a 20% longer stroke travel to be more reliable with the lighter loads. And, the system stays cleaner because of less powder and residue accumulation prevented by the piston’s larger holes and the enclosed steel design. As for the recoil pad, it nearly defies the laws of physics. The Inflex Technology recoil pad is very, very soft. It actually directs the force of recoil downward and away from your face with every shot. Sounds impossible? No. You must fire the Maxus, examine the recoil pad to discover it yourself. This feature alone makes the Maxus the best choice in autoloading shotguns for shooting a lot of game or clays all day long.Your first reaction, whether you are a seasoned hunter, trap or sporting clays shooter, or just a novice will be, “Wow”, that recoil wasn’t bad at all!”

Mfg Item Num: 011608203
Action: Gas-operated autoloader
Caliber/Gauge: 12
Barrel Length: 30
Weight: 7.1
Stock: Gloss Walnut
Finish: Satin Nickel


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